As production manager, continuous improvement is defenitely one of your KPI's. The challenge is to discover on which topics to improve to succeed most.

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Save time and improve quality

To get the right view on production loss, a reliable data registration tool is indispensable.

Traditional efficiency calculations do not reflect the improvement potential.

ACTWARE Production reads machine data, compares results with production planning and illustrates where and why production loss has been occured.

Analyzing the right data provides the ability to make decisions, up to a success story.

Software features:

actware production features

Determine the improvement potential of your production department

The lower the result, the higher the potential to improve efficiency. However if you are satisfied with the result, one of your KPI's should be to maintain this result. Production parameters are changing constantly and machines are aging.

To achieve top prestations, knowledge and determination of overall production efficiency is essential.


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Time measurement of operator availability, setups and technical interruptions.


Short production interruptions, speed monitoring and speed loss.


Rework and scrap registration.

Operator dashboard

The operator is provided with a dashboard where production order data is available and realtime production progress is visualized.

Standard reports

Teamleaders, production managers and operators have the ability to view time-based history reports, available from the company network.

Advanced reports

For CI engineers we provide ACTWARE report, the add-on to have full flexibility on reporting tools and direct access to the database.

Action plan.

Every company works differently and every machine is different. That is why a plug & play package is a utopia. A correct inventory and technical analysis is required when integrating an OEE package. We regard this aspect as the preliminary study of the project. The preliminary study examines how data can be extracted from the machine and with which data sources the package can communicate. Some machines have a communication port, others do not and require the installation of specific sensors, depending on the application. Technical knowledge of machine construction is indispensable.