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for industry 4.0 with actware

Improve product quality and maximize productivity by embracing smart factory

CIM: Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

actware Production

Collect big data from production machines. Register down times, measure process speed in realtime and increase the productivity by handling faster.

actware Lab

The effordable LIMS big data collector which communicates with universal laboratory instruments.

actware Engineering

Machine building for laboratories and R&D departments

actware Report

Advanced analytical reports with required flexibilities, editeable and available on computers, tablets and smartphones.

actware Custom made software

Custom made software for industrial applications.

Indystry 4.0: more than just robotics

Business owners are asking 'Should I invest in automation?' and 'Should I invest in robotics?'

Automation is a hot topic in many industries right now. It can refer to several things, not just robotics.

Specific machines?

Every machine is different and requires technical knowledge to get the right data out of it. We make this happen. Every machine which has a start button, input- or outputstation is compatible with actware. For more sophisticated machines we use OPC UA/FTP servers, MODBUS, signal capturing or communication by REST. If no signal is available we'll put sensors on it. For long distance applications we use IIoT NB or LoRa.


A bottleneck is not always the main machine or the operator. Small interruptions can cause more damage than you think! Not to mention the ramp-down and ramp-up speed loss.

By automatic stop detections we create a uniform and reliable analyzing tool to find out how much production time could be spent more efficiently.


We do more than programming. We talk with people and machines. We make machines.

Software programming

Machine building & hardware setup

PLC, Robot programming & IT support


Many companies are using manual input sheets to monitor Production Overall Effectiveness however the results will not be uniform and will be operator-dependent: team A will always be better than team B.

Secondly, CI-engineers spend a lot of time in analysing qualitative data.

Actware is made to create a uniform and structured way of production or laboratory central data system where availability, performance and quality are measured in realtime.

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